Word play.

Find the word that is "more" than the given one. Bel has been pointing out homonyms since the activity we did yesterday. They came up with a few more examples at dinner - and wanted more games with words. This one is comes from Math Circles for Elementary School Students. Task No supply needed. What... Continue Reading →

Foot parade.

Gather all your stuffed animals, dolls, and superheroes to make a parade! This activity is adapted from https://www.youcubed.org/. Task Supplies: either print out the animal cards from the link above OR draw your own animal on cards OR get your favorite stuffed animals and animal figurines, dolls, superheroes. You will need some animal with one... Continue Reading →

Multiplication table.

My goal for this activity was just to have the kids put the table on their wall, as a piece to just look at. I am in no way pushing for memorization - but I do hope that if they see it regularly, they start looking for patterns. You can download your own blank octagon... Continue Reading →

Rolling two dice. Part 2

This activity is a game with two dice. The activity was taken from Math from Three to Seven (again). Play the game from Rolling two dice. Part 1 gameboardDownload Task Supplies/Preparation: Ask your child how many numbers are on a die. Then draw 6 columns, labeling them 1 through 6 and explain that is for... Continue Reading →

Picture codes. Part 2

Because this activity was so popular the first time around, I wrote more codes. The first column can be done on pegboard. It is better on graph or dotted paper. I did make a couple of mistake in the code and they are now corrected. code2 - revisedDownload Resources Supplies: one or two sheets of... Continue Reading →

Rolling two dice. Part 1

This activity is a game with two dice as an intro to probability. The activity was taken from Math from Three to Seven (again) Task 1 Supplies/Preparation: Two dice and prepare a game board by drawing an 8x15 table (or print out the one in the download). Label the bottom row with numbers from 1... Continue Reading →

Table reading & permutations

This activity is a primer for being able to read tables. I have planned a few activities where we will do addition and multiplication tables. The activity was taken from Math from Three to Seven. Task 1 Supplies/Preparation: You will need 16 cut-out shapes and can enlist your child to help with the preparation -... Continue Reading →


How many socks do you need to pull out of the drawer to get a pair? This activity is inspired by Math from Three to Seven by Alexander Zvonkin Task: Supplies: A fabric bag (not see-through) and 3 yellow, 3 red, 3 blue, and 3 green cubes or beads. What to do: Tell a story.... Continue Reading →

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