Pigeonhole (Day 6 at home)

This activity is inspired by Math from Three to Seven by Alexander Zvonkin Task: Supplies: A fabric bag (not see-through) and 3 yellow, 3 red, 3 blue, and 3 green cubes or beads. What to do: Tell a story. A man has two pairs of socks in his drawer but the light is out and... Continue Reading →

Fractals (Day 5 at home)

An obligatory activity about fractals because they are cool. fractal-trees-and-sierpinski-triangleDownload How it went: The first part (with the tree) did not go so well. They did not really understand that the tree repeated itself. And when we started drawing the branches, we ran out of room quickly, which made counting very difficult. Nia (5) was... Continue Reading →

Hide it! (Day 4 at home)

This activity is a variation and extension of Snap it! Instead of hiding the pieces of cubes, beads, etc. behind the back, we will hide them under a cup. Original task: Supplies: Interlocking cubes or beads, two cups (non see-through) turned upside down. What to do (basic): Start with 5 or 10 or more items... Continue Reading →

Logic grid puzzles (Day 4 at home)

This activity is here as an alternative to the Hide it! game. It is for 1st graders and older. Logic Grid Puzzles worksheetDownload Task: Supplies: a sheet of paper and a pencil to draw the grid. Backstory: Solve this logic puzzle to find out the name, the age and the favorite superhero of each kid.... Continue Reading →

Symmetry (Day 3 at home)

You can download the sheet below and print or make your own. Symmetry sample drawings Download The activity: Supplies: Graph paper or pegboard and a pen. What to do: Draw a vertical line on a small part of the graph paper. Draw some picture on one side and ask your child to draw the symmetrical... Continue Reading →

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