Multiplication table.

My goal for this activity was just to have the kids put the table on their wall, as a piece to just look at. I am in no way pushing for memorization - but I do hope that if they see it regularly, they start looking for patterns. You can download your own blank octagon... Continue Reading →

Picture codes. Part 2

Because this activity was so popular the first time around, I wrote more codes. The first column can be done on pegboard. It is better on graph or dotted paper. I did make a couple of mistake in the code and they are now corrected. code2 - revisedDownload Resources Supplies: one or two sheets of... Continue Reading →


Draw the other half of a picture. You can download the sheet below and print or make your own. Symmetry sample drawings Download The activity: Supplies: Graph paper or pegboard and a pen. What to do: Draw a vertical line on a small part of the graph paper. Draw some picture on one side and... Continue Reading →

Circle 1. November 16, 2019

Attendance: Bel (7), Tari (6), Nia (4), and Bab (4) I drew pictures on cards (cat, dog, cow, horse, fish, dolphin, chicken, duck) with markers of different colors and asked the kids to arrange them in groups. Trying to get to the idea of sets and intersections of sets The two older kids immediately grouped... Continue Reading →

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