Cutting shapes.

Figure out different ways to cut out shapes from a quadrilateral. Task Supplies: paper, pencil, scissors and a straight thin object (pencil or ruler). What to do: We start with a non-convex quadrilateral like in the picture. With a single straight line cut (your child can place the straight rod on the paper instead of... Continue Reading →

Definitions and shapes – Part 2.

Learn more about shapes: rhombus (diamond), parallelogram, and squares. This one is more about sets and sorting. First, I will start showing the "mindset" videos from Nia is very smart (I am biased) but she gets frustrated very easily and doesn't think she is any good because she compares herself to her older sister.... Continue Reading →

Definitions and shapes.

Learn more about shapes. Count shapes. If you have been reading my posts (thank you!), you probably know I am reluctant to dictate or impose my reasoning. Sometimes though, it is necessary because we need to define things. Task Supplies: paper, pencil, scissors. Draw shapes on (triangles, squares, rectangles, quadrilaterals). You can cut them out... Continue Reading →

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