Definitions and shapes – Part 2.

Learn more about shapes: rhombus (diamond), parallelogram, and squares. This one is more about sets and sorting.

First, I will start showing the “mindset” videos from Nia is very smart (I am biased) but she gets frustrated very easily and doesn’t think she is any good because she compares herself to her older sister. It’s usually an all-or-nothing.


Supplies: paper, pencil, scissors. Draw shapes on  (triangles, squares, rectangles, rhombuses, parallelograms, quadrilaterals) or print the file above. I would cut them out so that each "card" is a circle, so that there is no orientation for the card. The reason for it is because a diamond is always presented on its point and a square on its side. 

What to do: 
1) Explain to your child, like in Day 13 that sometimes, we need to explain words or terms so everyone knows what we are talking about. It's called a definition. A good way to introduce the notion is through homonym (words that sound alike), for example, say "bound" (meaning a barrier) and "bound" (the action of jumping up) .  
2) See if your child came up with more words. 
3) Then move to math and ask the 
  - a parallelogram: A quadrilateral with two sets of parallel lines. 
  - a rhombus: A quadrilateral with all 4 sides of equal length. 
  - a square: A quadrilateral with 4 right angles and 4 sides of equal length. 
4) Ask you child 
- "How many squares are there?" 
- "How many rectangles are there?". If it looks like they are missing the squares, you can prompt by asking "Should squares be counted as well? Are they rectangles?". It's ok if they say "no", maybe they will think about it later or the next day. 
- "How many rhombuses?"
- "How many parallelograms?"
- "How many quadrilaterals?"

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