Multiplication table.

My goal for this activity was just to have the kids put the table on their wall, as a piece to just look at. I am in no way pushing for memorization – but I do hope that if they see it regularly, they start looking for patterns. You can download your own blank octagon paper at


Supplies: one sheet of paper. Make a 10x10 table for a first grader or a 4x4 table for a preschooler. Lots of beads or things they can count. 

Alternatively, I uploaded a table that is partially filled and the kids get to fill in the pattern. I think they still need beads/items to help counting. 

What to do: help them fill the table. For example, on row 2 column 3, you can ask your child to put the beads in 2 rows of 3 then count the beads. 

How it went

Nia (5) did well making rows, counting, and answering the questions. She absolutely was against writing her answers so I ended up writing it with her.

This is Nia’s 5 “rows” of 3.

Bel (7) started systematically by counting. Then she filled her table by pattern (the column with 9 for example) then she found a pattern for the last digit in the column with 8. I don’t really know where her sheet ended up so my idea of putting it on their wall did not happen.

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